We provide an end-to-end turnkey solution where we will:

  1. Inspect the environment and quality of concrete and substrate
  2. Perform repairs if required
  3. Prep the floor in the required manner (grinding, scarify, shotblast, acid wash)
  4. Apply the coving/skirting
  5. Apply the material
  6. Cut and Fill joints
  7. Maintenance – as required.

We apply the following systems

MMA – 1mm – 6mm – mono colour and decorative and flake

  • the system can cure within 1 hour and can be operational,
  • the MMA system is HACCP and Halal accredited,
  • it’s very easy to repair and maintain,
  • can be applied in cool rooms and freezers at temperature to -25 degrees. (All urethanes and Epoxy can only be applied at >15 degrees),
  • Is nonslip.

Urethane – 4-12mm

  • Single systems that are Mono colour (UL, MD, MF, RT, RF)
  • Multi layer system – that are non-slip and have a sealer coat (UTS, UT, Polyscreeds)
  • Decorative – coloured aggregate or stone (Terrazzo, UTS)

Epoxy – 1-3mm

  • Glossy

Chemical Protection

  • Acid resistant


Coloured Quartz

Concrete Sealing and