Why us?

Since 1992, FLOORSHIELD has been serving Southern African market.

Our company was borne out of a necessity to supply top quality chemicals to the flooring industry and we have entrenched ourselves in this market for the following reasons:

Skills base

Extensive and experienced skills base.


We have access to cutting-edge technology in manufacturing and marketing.


We continue to maintain ourselves at the forefront of technology developments, products and systems.


We provide full training and back-up services.


We are in tune with ever-changing industry needs in terms of quality and aesthetics.


Our skills have led to us setting industry standards.

We only deal with suppliers who demonstrate a proven track record in product quality.


Contracting company that installs high-performance epoxy flooring and industrial flooring, epoxy screeds and stone carpet for all industrial and commercial environments.

The core focus of the company is the installation of floor finishes in Industrial, Commercial, Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage producing environments. FLOORSHIELD commenced business in 1992 and takes pride in the fact that it provides quality floor finishes with a sound backup and support infrastructure.

In order to ensure that our clients’ flooring installations are consistent with their requirements and that the cost of ownership represents true value, FLOORSHIELD works closely with all the major industrial flooring manufacturers such as Stoncor, Stonhard, BASF, Flowcrete, Plascon, Mapei, ABE and SIKA. From tough, processing environments to sophisticated commercial facilities, we have a proven performance system for every environment.

FLOORSHIELD offers a complete range of epoxy and poly urethane flooring systems for industrial and civil environments, showrooms, shopping centres and supermarkets that are water-repellent, hygienic, easy to clean, are continuous surfaces without joints, offer excellent mechanical resistance and resistance to chemical agents, are long-lasting and available in several colour shades.

Using our Flooring Selection chart, select the type of flooring system best suited to your industry, view our main flooring systems and see projects that we have completed across a multitude of sectors. These systems include Stonecarpet, Premium +, Stonclad UT/UTS, Stonblend GS/GSI and Stonlux. On new projects, FLOORSHIELD assists from design stage to completion, ensuring the correct system and specifications are selected for each environment.

For more information on how FLOORSHIELD can help you to select the best system for your next industrial application (new or refurbishment) contact FLOORSHIELD

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