Listed below are the types of flooring systems that we offer. Each of these flooring systems is produced in one of our five brands: 

  1. 6mm Urethane/Epoxy Screeds
  2. Power-trowelled epoxy screed
  3. Self -Levelling Epoxy
  4. Roll-down Coatings
  5. Stonecarpet - seamless quartz flooring 
To select the flooring system most appropriate for your needs, please view our table below. This table lists Flooring Systems across Industry sectors.

Once you have selected the type of product most suited to your needs, please read more about this product by the appropriate Products & Services: 

  • Stonclad UT/UTS
  • Stonblend GS/GSI
  • Stonecarpet
  • Stonelux
  • Premium Plus